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THEMATIC SESSION DON and T-2 and HT-2 toxin in food - stakeholder consultation


Programme is provisional and can change (in function of availability of speakers and requests for additional presentations).

Please note timings are tentative and can change. Ample time is foreseen for the presentations and questions and answers sessions

9 h 30 Introduction (01)

10 h 00 - FoodDrinkEurope comments on the proposed MLs for DON and T-2 / HT- Alejandro Rodarte, FoodDrinkEurope (02)  

10 h 15 Oat supply chain – Jens Meyer - CEEREAL (03) 

11 h 00 Flour safety and quality have reached a very high standard in Europe - Ensuring this level remains a constant challenge for the millers - Fatima Boutachkourt - European Flour Millers (04)

Short break

11 h 30 Euromaisiers comments on the current proposal to review MLs for DON in maize and maize milling products – Pierre Brotier Euromaisiers (05)

11 h 55 Mycotoxin management by the stakeholders in the Nordic countries - Mr. Schulman Nordic Myco Task Force (06)

12 h 20 Contribution to the comments on deoxynivalenol, T-2 and HT-2 toxin in food - Dr. Valentina Scarpino  GLM (Italian Mycotoxins Working Group) (07)

Lunch break

14 h 00 Response to the Commission’s consultations on DON and T2 HT2 toxins maximum levels- Dr Benoit Meleard, Arvalis (08)

14 h 30 T-2 HT-2 and DON Jens Meyer and CG Pettersson CEEREAL  (09)

15 h 15 Monitoring data DON and T2 HT2 toxins in wheat and maize and field management – Alain Froment ECPA (10)

Short break

15 h 45 Oral statements – questions and answers – exchange of views

16 h 45 Conclusions and closure 

17 h 00 End