7th Fusarium Forum UE

SECTION A: Management of Fusarium –toxins in cereals and cereal products

Introduction (scarica il documento)

Actions taken by farmers to prevent the development of mycotoxins
COPA – COGECA - I. Backhouse (scarica il documento)

Mycotoxin management risk in the French cereal sector: Presentation of a guide
Bruno Barrier Guillot ARVALIS-Institut du Végétal et Solenn Le Boudec (Intercéréales) (scarica il documento)

Experiences on Fusarium-toxins management in Italy
Prof. Roberto Causin (scarica il documento)

Update on occurrence and prevention of fusarium mycotoxins in UK cereals
Simon Edwards (manca il documento)

Crop Protection Industries contributions to control mycotoxins
Anne Suty-Heinze, ECPA (scarica il documento)

SECTION B: Presence of T-2 and HT-2 toxin in cereals and cereal products

T-2 and HT-2 toxins in oats and oat products (scarica il documento)
+ position paper (scarica il documento)

T-2 and HT-2 toxins in durum wheat
Mr Silvestri, l'Union des Semouliers (scarica il documento)

T2/HT2 and DON in malting barley and malt
EUROMALT, Ian Slaiding (scarica il documento)

Last finding on T2/HT2 on malting barley and behaviour from malting barley to malt
IFBM, Régis Fournier (scarica il documento)

Fusarium toxins on malting barley.
IFBM, Patrick Boivin (scarica il documento)

Occurrence and prevention of T2 / HT-2 and some other Fusarium toxins in Norwegian cereals
Dr. Guro Brodal (scarica il documento)

Trichothecenes in oats - time trends and factors influencing their occurrence
Dr. Aksel Bernhoft (scarica il documento)

- position paper EUROMAISIERS on T-2 and HT-2 toxin (scarica il documento)
- position paper AAF on T-2 and HT-2 toxin (scarica il documento)

SECTION C: Issues related to the application of current legislation

Impact of DON current regulation on CAOBISCO’s products
CAOBISCO, Penelope Alexandre (scarica il documento)

Support to the management of mycotoxins risks by agro-supply distribution, grain trading companies and agri-cooperatives
COCERAL and COPA-COGECA, S.Picardat (scarica il documento)

Statements on the application current legislation (scarica il documento)
- The European Flour millers
- ECIA (DON limits in breadcrumb and rusk)

An assessment of the approach provided for by Recommendation 2006/576/EC as regards the presence of mycotoxins in feed.
Frans Verstraete, European Commission (scarica il documento)

SECTION D: Sampling and analysis

Analytical aspects of Mycotoxin binders
Joerg Stroka, CRL Mycotoxins in feed and food (scarica il documento)

Automatic and manual sampling for ochratoxin A in barley, impact of sampling and sample preparation on measurement uncertainty
Häggblom, P (scarica il documento)

Challenges of high-throughput multi- mycotoxin method
Jana Hasjlova (manca documento)

Sampling of large lots for the presence of mycotoxins. Elaboration of a guidance document. Outcome of the working group and outlook.
Frans Verstraete, European Commission (scarica il documento)

Overall conclusions of the workshop /discussion
End of the Mycotoxin forum